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Welcome to the Jam Jar Cafe

We are a small independent coffee shop in the centre of Newquay, just a stones throw from the beach. Established in 2013, we specialise in great coffee, using Origin beans which are roasted to perfection just down the road in Helston.

Our menu includes a wide range of organic teas, superfood smoothies, healthy breakfast bowls and freshly toasted bagels served throughout the day. All of our cakes are freshly baked daily by Jess, and are all gluten free along with some dairy free, sugar free and vegan options too.

Needless to say we offer a wide selection of organic milk alternatives including almond, coconut, hazelnut, cashew, oat, soy and more! If you’re on-the-go everything on our menu is available for takeaway (that is if you don’t get sidetracked into a chat with the locals!) and you’ll be pleased to know all our packaging is compostable.



2 Broad Street


M-Sa 8am–4pm
Su 10am–3pm

Jam Jar Cafe

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Watch this beautiful video of my latest Blog Post where I bake Dairy Free Doughnuts for Valentines Day.

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Welcome to the Jam Jar Cafe website and thank you for stopping by, nestled on a quiet corner in the heart of Newquay, Cornwall, my Jam Jar sized cafe is located just a stones throw from the town centre and stunning local beaches. My intentions are to share my healthy laid back lifestyle with those who visit my cafe and my readers here. I serve nutritious alternatives to home baked cakes paired with a range of beverages from locally roasted coffee to freshly blended smoothies all served in a range of quirky shaped jam jars, I hope my customers leave feeling energised and nourished from within.


My name is Jess Davis and I was born and raised in South Devon. My earliest memory of falling in love with baking was being stood beside my nan helping arrange giant slices of cooking apples in a tart case for her delicious fruit pies and rubbing together cool butter and sifted flour to make breadcrumbs for the old traditional rock cakes for our afternoon tea. 

I have always been keen to share my baking ideas and much to my amusement I recently found a “How To” video from my teenage years, where I teach the rest of the class to make Delia Smiths american chocolate brownie recipe, of which my adapted gluten free version is now a jam jar classic! Needless to say the make-shift table (my mum’s ironing board) and my awkwardness to camera, means this home video won’t be re-surfacing on the blog any time soon! 

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I developed my career as a baker working alongside inspirational professionals in the industry who have shaped and guided my knowledge. During my time in London Zoe Clark founder of The Cake Parlour shared her expertise and patience in producing show stopping cakes, for high end clients and it was her professionalism and ability to match a passion for baking and running her own successful business that first inspired me to start my own cafe. 

During my travels in Australia I worked with L'ultime Patisserie & Chocolaterie, where I began my shifts at midnight and finished at midday, just in time for a pre lunch surf! During my time here I learnt the delicate and precise techniques involved in creating French pastries, artisan sourdough breads and intricate tortes and cakes.

Each day I bake fresh gluten free and refined sugar free cakes

I then returned to the UK and settled in the Cornish seaside town of Newquay where i worked in locally owned tea room and bakery ‘Paulines’ where the Paul family made me feel very welcome into the town and allowed me to continue working in the cake industry, icing giant fudge cakes and layering decadent gateaux. 

From here I went on to open my first cafe was called Froth and was part of the Quiksilver surf shop in the town centre. Customers, shoppers and surfers visited the cafe and it was here I began to combine the wealth of knowledge I had gained from my previous experiences and my own passion to energise the Newquay locals who so often would burst in pre or post surf looking for energy in the form of a sweet treat and caffeine. 

Two years later, I opened the Jam Jar Cafe,  I developed a more extensive menu including superfood smoothies, breakfast bowls, avocado toast and more, creating a local hub for foodies and coffee lovers. Each day I bake fresh gluten free and refined sugar free cakes & vegan cakes to offer indulgence for all dietary requirements offering a range of guilt levels! I believe Natural sugars provide a more sustainable energy form with nutrients and vitamins for an all round healthier alternative. 

Jam Jar Jess

For me, the best part about running my own cafe is sharing my recipes and watching customers enjoying them, I learn which are a success and can experiment with my alternative nutritious ingredients. Over the past four years I have created a health store within the cafe where I stock Rude Health produce, Pukka Teas and Gluten Free baking goods. My website is my way of continuing my love of sharing and spreading the Jam Jar values to a wider community, I will be sharing weekly recipes on my blogas well as my general musings on all things baking. 

Please feel free to ask questions on the blog, I would love to hear how you get on with my recipes and do stop by the Jam Jar if you’re visiting Cornwall.

Jess x