Fennel Tea

Mint Tea Recipe

This time of year can be a difficult one as on the one hand we want to fill ourselves with goodness from things like smoothies & fresh juices after the over indulgence of December but we also want to snuggle up with a decadent creamy hot chocolate to feel comfort from the cold outside. Whilst I find it very hard to say no to a hot chocolate, sometimes a fresh herbal tea is the ideal solution when you want to cosy up by the fire and look after your health at the same time. This simple recipe for my cleansing tummy tea is the perfect start to the day but is also lovely to sip after a hearty dinner to help digestion before bed.



1 or 2 sprigs Fresh mint

2 slices fresh ginger root

1tsp fennel seeds

1/2 lemon

Raw honey to sweeten (optional)

Jam Jar Jess


Mint is a naturally calming and soothing herb with properties that aid digestion and helps to settle your tummy. Similarly ginger is great for if your feeling sick as it contains ginerol which a medicinal compound which has anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Fennel is the perfect de-bloater after a big meal as it promotes healthy digestion helping to settle your stomach. 

Fresh lemon juice as we all know is a great instant hit of vitamin c which is perfect for boosting our immunity at this time of year.  It's also help the bloody replenish natural salt levels which is just what the body needs after a strenuous workout, i crave hot lemon and water after a sweaty crossfit session and this is a great alternative!

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