Coffee & Coconut Shower Scrub

After my recent trip to Sri Lanka it reminded me that I want to Throw back to this summer when Newquay was at its blue sky best!

This post is for my homemade coffee & coconut shower scrub. At the cafe I have over 10kg of left over coffee grounds per week which I offer to customers to put on their garden or I take it home myself as it’s full of nutrients and can work as a fertiliser when mixed with soil.

One day I was in my garden sprinkling some used coffee on my edible flower bed and thought how the grains of coffee make for a great exfoliator as they’re super fine and not too abrasive. I went straight into the kitchen and thought of other things I could add that were skin friendly. 

I always have a cupboard full of jars of coconut oil for making my vegan brownies so I started by melting down a jar of Biona organic coconut oil gently in a saucepan until it was liquid. This alone smells beautiful but I had almond oil out on the counter from making frangipane cakes so I added a couple of spoonfuls to the coconut oil. Finally I added my coffee grounds to the saucepan stirring as I went until I became a thick grainy paste that looks a bit like raw brownie mixture and smells like an almond coconut latte!

When it cooled down I added some unrefined coconut sugar as I’ve used sugar scrubs in the past and I thought it would add a slightly coarser texture, perfect for buffing your skin pre or post tanning.

Then next week Mel and I did a shoot in a beautiful property at pentire headland overlooking fistral beach. I went armed with my first ever jar of my coffee scrub and we tested it out! On opening the jar mel agreed it still smelt like a coconut coffee & almond cake which takes me straight back to the cafe. The scrub was really thick and the perfect consistency to focus on specific areas like legs without it running off too quick. 

It washes off so easily under warm running water but leaves your skin with a silky glow from the coconut and almond oil so not need to moisturise afterwards. The scrub was a success! So after a celebratory coffee we went straight down to the beach with our freshly polished skin and soaked up some beautiful Cornish sunshine. 

Pop in to the cafe and pick up some free coffee to try it out yourself. We have organic coconut oil & coconut sugar for sale too, it would make a lovely homemade Christmas present