Orange and Almond Amaretti Biscuits

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Similar to my coconut macaroons, my orange & almond amaretti biscuits are simple and easy to make and keep really well in a Kilner jar...if they last that long! This is part 2 of my kitchen tour in the beautiful Loft above Seavista BnB and my outfit has been styled by Roo's Beach - bright and cheerful yellows and blues, just in time for Spring! They are always a quick sell out in the cafe as they’re delicious dunked into a coffee.

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I first had amaretti biscuits whilst on a photoshoot in Sardinia a couple of years ago. I remember them still being warm from the oven of the bakery we bought them from in a busy market square. They had a crunchy top with a soft cake like middle and chewy caramelised edges. They tasted of sweet almonds with just a hint of fragrant orange. Some had a whole almond on top which gave a lovely toasted nutty flavour. Here’s my recipe.

Amaretti Biscuits


2 large egg whites

175g ground almonds

175g golden caster sugar

1 tsp almond oil or Amaretto 

1 tsp orange oil

Zest of small orange 

Handful whole almonds


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First whisk your egg whites on a high speed until you get stiff peaks which should only take a couple of minutes. Then stir in your ground almonds and caster sugar until combined into a thick paste. Add the almond oil, orange oil and orange zest and mix until the mix is evenly flecked with orange.


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Line two trays with baking paper and roll the mixture into small balls which should make around 12 biscuits. Slightly wet hands helps to stop the mix sticking to your palms when rolling into balls and leaves them with a smooth finish. Arrange whole almonds as you wish on the surface of each biscuit, pressing slightly to make sure the nuts stay out when baking.

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Space them out on the trays as they will spread a little on baking. Bake in a preheated oven at 170 for around 10-15 minutes but just keep an eye on them. As soon as the edges start to turn golden brown they’re ready. Allow to cool slightly so they firm up a little and the chewy texture starts to develop.

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After tweaking my recipe over time I feel like I’ve finally recreated my first encounter of these delicious biscuits and hope you enjoy. for the full experience enjoy with a double espresso sat in the sun!

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