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With these brighter, longer evenings and ‘occasional’ sun-filled days it’s finally starting to feel like spring has arrived. Tell tale signs when I’m baking at home are my edible flower boxes are starting to bloom and the afternoon light floods in through my kitchen windows at the extact time I start to bake, making it the perfect relaxing wind down after a busy day at the cafe.

Today I’m sharing my lemon drizzle loaf recipe. Like many of my cakes it’s contains ground almonds giving it a lovely moist texture with slight bite from polenta and plenty of zing from lots of juicy lemons!

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250g soft organic butter

200g unrefined golden caster sugar 

(+ extra 50g for drizzle)

200g ground almonds

150g gluten free self raising flour

50g fine polenta 

3 large eggs

Zest and juice of 3 lemons

150g golden icing sugar

For decoration 

Edible flowers

Organic bee pollen

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Begin by beating together the room temperature butter and 200g caster sugar until light a creamy. You can do this by hand with a wooden spoon if your butter is nice and soft or in a mixer to save time (and energy!) then add the eggs one by one, mixing in between each addition to avoid the mix splitting. Then stir through the ground almonds, polenta and the lemon zest. Finally soft in the gluten free flour and pour into a lined loaf tin.

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recipe blog
lemon loaf recipe


Bake in the centre of a pre heated oven at 165 for an hour. I bake this loaf at a slightly lower temperature and for longer than most of my cakes as it takes a while to bake all the way through and you don’t want to over bake the outside before the centre is ready. Just be patient and check with a skewer or sharp knife after 50 Mins and if comes out clean it’s ready.


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Whilst the loaf is still warm desolve the extra 50 g caster sugar with the juice of one of the Lemons in a small saucepan on a medium heat just for a minute or so then which a pastry brush saturate the top of the warm cake with the lemon syrup. This adds moisture and extra zing to the loaf.

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Finally in a small bowl add your icing sugar and squeeze in some lemon juice, just half a lemon to begin with, and stir until combined and no lumps. Add a little extra juice if you need but you want it quite thick otherwise it will just soak into the loaf and disappear. Drizzle over the top of the cake once it has cooled and decorate with edible flowers and some bee pollen. Delicious eaten whilst sat in a sunny window with a big cup of earl grey tea.

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Lemon Loaf Recipe
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