Torta Do Santiago at Scorrier House Estate

Jam Jar Jess

Last week I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful Scorrier House and it’s surrounding grounds, which happen to be the venue for this weekends Great Estate Festival. The recipe I’m baking is for torta do Santiago which a super light flourless almond sponge cake with the fresh flavours of lemon & orange and is also free from gluten and dairy. The beautiful stately home “Scorrier House” has its very own orangery where I had the privilege of picking some of their home grown fruit to use in my recipe.

This weekend I’m supplying 20 of these delicious cakes to feature as the dessert for the “Wild Wine Club” nights which will be taking place in the evenings at the Great Estate Festival. It will be accompanied with burnt orange slices and paired with an Italian dessert wine. Check out my Instagram to see me at work in the kitchen, or follow the recipe below to create your own!


1 orange
1 lemon
225g ground almonds
250g unrefined golden caster sugar
6 large free range eggs
(St ewe golden yolk eggs give a beautiful vibrant orange colour to the cake)
1tsp almond oil
1tsp orange oil
Dusting of Icing sugar


Start by separating the eggs then begging by whisking the egg whites until you reach sort peaks. In another bowl whisk together the yolks, sugar, both zest’s and the oils until all combined. Now fold in 1/3 of your head whites into the egg yolk mixture to loosen it up. Now add your ground almonds and fold through, but at this stage don’t worry about being heavy handed, just get it all combined. now gently fold the remaining 2/3 of the egg whites into the mixture ideally using a large metal spoon to avoid knocking out too much air.

Pour the cloud like mixture into a lined 9 inch round baking tin and bake on a low heat of 160 for 30-35 mins until risen all over and lightly golden. The cake may sink slightly but should still be just under a couple of  in depth. After 5mins once the tin is easier to handle, remove the tin and cool on a wire rack and once cooled dust with icing sugar.

A special thanks to the owners at Scorrier House and Bex at Roo's Beach for styling this shoot.